T H E  E X P E R I E N C E 

photos that make you feel something

You connected with people you've never met, moments that are not your own - you felt something and you want your day documented in that same way. 

You think my years of experience, the way I approach a wedding day, and my core values will equip me to document your day in the most honoring tell-your-story kind of way. 

You want a professional but also a friend. Someone who shows up on the wedding day and feels familiar, because they have spent time getting to know you and your vision for the day.

You found your way to my little corner of the internet, you've browsed the site and poured over the images - something in your gut is saying YES. 

You want the BIG moments and the small captured - not just the posed and expected. You want timeless, artistic images that reflect the fullness of your day.

You care more about your marriage than you do about your wedding - if it rains, it rains...we can roll with it and embrace the hiccups of the day. You get to marry your best friend and that is what matters most.

You aren't just looking for the best package or someone local, but you do want the best photography experience available. You value quality, connection and years of experience

If this is you, if you feel it in your bones, let's get to talking! 



Through my years of experience, I have learned that the only true way I can document your wedding is to be fully prepared and fully present.   
My approach is simple: by building trust through relationship, I learn your story - all the ins and outs of your wedding day - and I document your love in a unique and authentic way.
What a great feeling to know your photographer is someone you can trust. Someone who knows your story, and the moments that mean the most to you. 


I'll be with you every step of the way documenting the day as it unfolds and gently guiding the schedule to ensure you get the most out of your coverage! 

Wedding day

We’ll spend time together making sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera all while creating some beautiful images that celebrate this season of life!

Feeling like this is a great fit? Let's celebrate! Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, your date will be officially locked down! Easy as that!

engagement session


Fill out the inquiry form on my contact page and give me all the details about you, your fiancé, and your hopes for your wedding day! I will send you my info and pricing guide and we will go from there!









I will work hand-in-hand with you and your vendor team to create a custom photo timeline prioritizing a relaxed, stress-free wedding day experience. 



Gallery Delivery


Within one week of your wedding day I'll send over a comprehensive preview and then 4-6 weeks later, your full gallery will hit your inbox!

You'll be free to download images, purchase prints + an album (or two) as well as share the gallery with friends and family. I also offer custom designed albums upon request.


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Please inquire for
 pricing details & packages or
for a custom quote.



Portrait Sessions
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Engagements, Bridals, Couple Sessions & More. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Yes, YAS, always! I have a valid passport and a passion for travel so any destination is good with me! I am based in the Texas Hill Country, but have had the privilege of photographing weddings in Australia and Costa Rica, and several states in America. Travel is a huge source of inspiration, add in a wedding and its magic waiting to happen! 

Do you travel?

Once you fill out my contact form, I will email you back with a few questions and my Information and Pricing PDF. I always love connecting with couples via the phone, zoom, or in person to go over my process and answer any of your questions and just to get to know you a bit better.  If we are the right fit the next step will be selecting the coverage that is right for you, and then I will write up the contract and invoice. Once a $500 non-refundable deposit (that goes towards your overall balance) is paid and the contract is signed, your date will be officially booked! If you have selected a package with an engagement or bridal session, we will start working out the details and planning your vision! About a month and a half before the wedding, I will send out a detailed wedding questionnaire to clue me in on all the specifics for the day and highlight what is most important to you photography wise. Based on your answers from the questionnaire, I will build your custom photo timeline for the wedding day (while coordinating with the timeline you already have as well as your planner) to ensure you get the most out of your coverage! 

We love your work and want to move forward, whats next?

HECK YA! For a lot of the day I want to be a fly on the wall, but I will never leave you hanging especially during portraits! I want to give space for moments to unfold, but I also want you to get the most out of your images. This means maybe moving you into a room with better lighting so you can get your dress on, or giving you a prompt or a starting pose and then letting y'all interact so its not so formal and stiff. I want your photos to look and feel like you, and reflect the dynamics of your relationship. 

We think we are awkward in front of the camera, can you help with that?

Connection is everything - it’s permission to listen to the heartbeat of your day and not just follow a shot list. I have been photographing weddings for 8 years, and I have discovered (though I may fight it), I am a type A personality through and through. This means I prepare for your wedding day … like really prepare. There are questionnaires, and phone calls, and custom timelines, and lots and lots of googling, dreaming, weather forecasting, location scouting - basically, I’ll never go into a wedding day without a plan or without a vision. However, there is a huge difference in hiring a photographer you know is reliable and will do a good job, and hiring a photographer you fully connect with and trust because they share your same vision. When you have that connection, magic really does happen. Nothing emboldens me more than the full trust of my couples - it makes me want to be more creative, more attentive, more in tune with the moments of their day. Connection is that secret sauce! 

Why is connection so important?


How many weddings do you book a year?

I only take on a number of limited weddings each year (typically between 18-22.) I love getting the opportunity to get to know my couples and be available to them to answer any questions or just brainstorm ideas! Editing is a huge part of the process, and since I am a one woman team I never want to take on more than I can handle or rush through the process just to keep up. I have learned through the years this is the amount I am comfortable with to ensure the best client experience! 

While I have definitely developed a certain editing style, I definitely don't have just one preset I apply to every image. There are so many factors I consider before editing a new wedding - what was the lighting of the day like, what were the colors of the wedding, is the couple fun and vibrant or more artsy and moody - I take all of this into account and try to honestly portray your day. I wont get crazy with fad editing that will be out of style in 10 years - I try to stay true to color with bright skin tones, but with a little punch. I want your images to be edited in a way that focuses on bringing out the true feel of the day! 

What is your editing style? 

The BEST way to showcase, celebrate, and enjoy your images is with a tangible product. The truth is, flash drives will probably not be a thing in 50 years, the way you view and enjoy your images now might not be the way you experience them in the future, a screen is just a screen ... but nothing will rival the experience of your grandchild thumbing through your wedding album or hanging a framed print in their own house. In the same way photographs freeze moments in time, prints have a way of memorializing that moment. I am happy to offer custom album design, but you can also design your own album or photo book or order prints directly from your gallery!

Do you offer albums and custom prints?

Upon request, I do offer second shooters to any of my packages and will sometimes recommend them for larger weddings or really crammed timelines. I shoot about 75% of all my weddings solo and because we spend so much time working out the photo timeline I make sure to cover as much as is humanly possible. With that being said, sometimes a second shooter is exactly what is needed to get the best coverage without compromise. All of the photographers I use are either full or part time photographers themselves, and have worked with me before.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Always and forever, yes. Not only is it a great opportunity for me to get to know you and vice versa, it also gives you an opportunity to slow down and really celebrate this season of your relationship. I'm the first to admit I am awkward in front of the camera and I've come to find most of my couples feel the same way. This way we get a bit of that awkward out of the way (I promise after 10 minutes y'all are going to feel like pro's) and on the wedding day it all feels way more natural. By that point we are compadres and y'all are ready to slay. We can get as creative as you like for the shoot - once I know a bit of your vision, I am always happy to google all the things and make some recommendations! If you have a specific location that is important to your relationship, let's start there! I love when there is a personal connection - it just feels more like you.

Is an engagement session a good idea?

It typically takes 4-6 weeks to get your full gallery back. During busier seasons (Fall & Spring) it can take up to 8 weeks but never longer! I will always send a comprehensive preview of your day within a week. A little taste of the goodness to come! For portrait sessions you can expect a 1-2 week turn around time. 

What is your turn around time for photos?


How will I receive my images?

You will have you own personal photo gallery to enjoy and share with family and friends. From your preview, to your full gallery, this link will give you access to prints, albums, and other gifts as well as provide digital storage for 10 years. You can download high res or web file images, directly to your mobile device or computer. I will also mail you a flash drive of all the high resolution files, so you have a hard copy on hand. I always recommend making a copy of that flash drive, adding it to an external hard drive, or uploading it to the cloud - its just good to have those precious memories backed up! 

Let's be honest, weather is crazy all over and sometimes you can predict it but most of the time the forecast is wrong...or at the very least misleading and most of the time its not as bas as they say it will be. I used to get super worried and would constantly check the forecast until I realized it is truly something outside of my control so why waste the energy? Now I like to have a back up plan, but the fun and challenging part is making something truly beautiful and honest within the confines of pouring rain, or power outages, or global pandemics. We can grab some umbrellas, or get soaked by the rain, we can light some candles and get cozy inside or be a little flexible and make a mad dash at the first sign of clear skies. Embracing all that the day holds and making a masterpiece out of the messiness of life - I can get behind that! 

What if its raining on my wedding day?

"I cannot even put into words how amazing these photos are. They literally bring tears to my eyes. They are better than I ever envisioned them being. You are seriously so talented! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work and hustle on our wedding day. I know it wasn't easy getting it all done, but you handled it with such calmness and grace and did such a wonderful job. You made us all feel so calm and comfortable and you were also a ton of fun! When my wedding planner told me you weren't available for my original date, I had to change my date to make sure you were the one capturing my day. Wow, I am SO glad I did! I will cherish these photos forever!"

Lauren & Josh


"WOW is all I can say about McKenzie. Everything about her is amazing! We gave McKenzie full reign with her creativity and she captured more than what we could have asked for. Looking back at our photos, she noticed all the little details you forget about during the whirlwind of the day. She also captured so many photos where you can feel the emotion. Using McKenzie as our photographer has given us pictures that perfectly represent our big day for the rest of our lives. McKenzie is also so professional and does a great job at directing the couple and wedding party members, she made us feel so comfortable! We were a COVID-19 wedding and McKenzie was there to help us in whatever way needed, which made things so much easier for us. Our friends and family have also been raving about her since the wedding." 

Lara B.


"McKenzie was the EASIEST vendor we worked with by far. Hiring a photographer is such a huge decision when it comes to your wedding, but McKenzie made everything so easy! From the initial phones calls and emails we could tell right away that she would be our photographer! We hired her for our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner photos, and our wedding day. We were so nervous going into our engagement shoot but she didn’t let that last long, as she just made everything fun and natural - as it can be very hard to be natural in front of a camera. So when it came time for our big weekend I was so excited to see her! She turned into a friend that we could also text when we had random questions or concerns. She took every idea and thought I had, and ran with it with her magical eyes for detail and beauty! We are SO thrilled we chose McKenzie, it was one of the best planning decisions we made. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Stacey & Chad